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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
National Geographic Kids, 30 books
National Geographic Society, 24 books
Deborah Heiligman, 15 books
Alane Ferguson, 14 books
National Geographic, 13 books
Ann Bausum, 11 books
Cheryl Harness, 11 books
Dennis B. Fradin, 8 books
Judith Bloom Fradin, 7 books
Sylvia A. Earle, 6 books
Christopher Sloan, 6 books
Gare Thompson, 5 books
Monica Halpern, 5 books
Jim Arnosky, 5 books
Beth Gruber, 5 books
Hannah Bonner, 5 books
Anita Croy, 5 books
Barbara Kerley, 5 books
Libby Romero, 5 books
Crispin Boyer, 4 books
Robyn O'Sullivan , 4 books
Darlyne A. Murawski, 4 books
Marfe Ferguson Delano, 4 books
Steve Tomecek, 4 books
Emily Krieger, 4 books


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