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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Brad Fraser, 6 books
Dave Margoshes, 4 books
Robert Kroetsch, 4 books
Rudy Henry Wiebe, 4 books
Byrna Barclay, 4 books
Aritha Van Herk, 4 books
Shane Rhodes, 3 books
Elizabeth McLachlan, 3 books
Stewart Lemoine, 3 books
Myrna Kostash, 3 books
Caterina Edwards, 3 books
Diane Bessai, 3 books
Fred Stenson, 3 books
Roy Innes, 3 books
Garry Ryan, 3 books
Jenna Butler, 3 books
Douglas Barbour, 3 books
Miriam Mandel, 2 books
Robert Pepper-Smith, 2 books
Sarah De Leeuw, 2 books
Nina Berkhout, 2 books
Ted Ferguson, 2 books
Mary W. Walters, 2 books
Lyle Victor Albert, 2 books
Barb Howard, 2 books


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