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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lynda Madaras, 18 books
Anne Ford, 8 books
Adriane G. Berg, 8 books
Linda Sunshine, 8 books
Jennifer James, 8 books
Jane L. Delgado, 7 books
Georgia Witkin, 6 books
Timothy Shaner, 6 books
Charlie Kaufman, 6 books
Jane Kinderlehrer, 6 books
William Wharton, 6 books
Fox, Michael W., 5 books
Area Madaras, 5 books
Susan Dworkin, 5 books
James Oliver Curwood, 5 books
Stuart Avery Gold, 4 books
S. Daniel Abraham, 4 books
Irwin Abrams, 4 books
Tom Twomey, 4 books
Arthur Berg Bochner, 4 books
Antonia Felix, 4 books
Robert Schwebel, 4 books
James Schamus, 4 books
Robert F. Bornstein, 4 books
Esther M. Orioli, 3 books


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