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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lawrence Block, 15 books
Robert B. Parker, 9 books
Charles Ray Willeford, 8 books
Sparkle Hayter, 7 books
Joseph Hansen, 7 books
Daniel Woodrell, 6 books
Tom Robbins, 6 books
Edward Bunker, 5 books
Jason Starr, 4 books
Mark Timlin, 4 books
Jakob Arjouni, 4 books
John Milne, 4 books
Jack O'Connell, 3 books
Kem Nunn, 3 books
Arthur Lyons, 3 books
Marc Behm, 2 books
James Sallis, 2 books
Michael Z. Lewin, 2 books
D.W. Buffa, 2 books
Max Decharne, 2 books
James Sallis , 2 books
Sébastien Japrisot, 2 books
James Sallis, 2 books
Leigh Russell, 2 books
Clem Chambers, 2 books


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