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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Eric Walters, 40 books
Sigmund Brouwer, 34 books
Norah McClintock, 22 books
Becky Citra, 22 books
Don Trembath, 18 books
Beth Goobie, 17 books
Vicki Grant, 17 books
Monique Polak, 16 books
Andrea Spalding, 16 books
Lesley Choyce, 14 books
Jacqueline Pearce, 14 books
Frieda Wishinsky, 13 books
Katherine Holubitsky, 10 books
Michele Martin Bossley, 10 books
Shelley Hrdlitschka, 9 books
Jean Little, 9 books
Dayle Gaetz, 9 books
Robin Stevenson, 9 books
Melanie Jackson, 8 books
Sylvia Olsen, 8 books
Kristin Butcher, 8 books
K. L. Denman, 8 books
Pam Withers, 7 books
Dayle Campbell Gaetz, 7 books
Marilynn Reynolds, 7 books


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