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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Don Pendleton, 55 books
Warren Murphy, 48 books
Lionel Derrick, 47 books
George G. Gilman, 37 books
Joseph Rosenberger, 31 books
William W. Johnstone, 30 books
Stuart Jason, 25 books
Jeffrey Lord, 23 books
Larry Wilde, 18 books
William W. Johnstone, 18 books
J. A. Johnstone, 17 books
Marie De Jourlet, 15 books
C. S. Forester, 14 books
Terrance Dicks, 14 books
Richard Sapir, 13 books
Patricia Matthews, 12 books
V. A. Stuart, 11 books
Paula Fairman, 11 books
Mike Wales, 10 books
Gérard de Villiers, 10 books
Alan Caillou, 9 books
Barney Leason, 9 books
William M. James, 9 books
Vivian Stuart, 8 books
Bruce Lancaster, 8 books


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