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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Diane Hoh, 18 books
Caroline B. Cooney, 7 books
Jeanine Le Ny, 6 books
Meg Cabot, 6 books
Claudia Gabel, 6 books
Paula Morris, 5 books
Elizabeth Eulberg, 5 books
Hailey Abbott, 4 books
Jade Parker, 4 books
Sinclair Smith, 4 books
Kate Chester, 4 books
Sabrina James, 4 books
Carol Ellis, 4 books
Kim Harrington, 4 books
Maureen Johnson, 3 books
Maya Gold, 3 books
Denene Millner, 3 books
A. Bates, 3 books
Aimee Friedman, 3 books
Malin Alegria, 3 books
Pamela Wells, 3 books
Kate Cann, 3 books
Micol Ostow, 2 books
Jennifer Sturman, 2 books
D. E. Athkins, 2 books


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