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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Prentice-Hall, 243 books
Robert T. Grauer, 115 books
Shelley Gaskin, 98 books
Insight Guides, 72 books
NCCER, 68 books
Charles T. Horngren, 66 books
George McDonald, 60 books
SPSS Inc., 54 books
John Mack Faragher, 53 books
Bill Bliss, 51 books
Sally Preston, 49 books
Paul J. Deitel, 49 books
Philip Kotler, 47 books
John Preston, 47 books
Robert Ferrett, 44 books
Mari Jo Buhle, 42 books
Stephen J. Ethier, 41 books
Donald Kagan, 41 books
K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 41 books
Michael Sullivan III, 40 books
Daniel Czitrom, 39 books
David L. Goetsch, 38 books
Against the Clock, 38 books
Betty Crocker, 38 books
James D. Halderman, 38 books


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