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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Susan Hagen Nipp, 160 books
Roger Hargreaves, 142 books
Stephen Cosgrove, 123 books
Jackson, Brenda, 121 books
Doodle Art, 92 books
Roger Price, 77 books
Charles Reasoner, 71 books
Leonard Stern, 67 books
Pamela Conn Beall, 64 books
Rita Warner, 62 books
Salina Yoon, 60 books
M. C. Hargreaves, 59 books
Unauthored, 49 books
Price Stern Sloan Publishing, 38 books
Dick Bruna, 31 books
Malcolm Whyte, 31 books
Kaye Quinn, 30 books
Robin James, 26 books
Kathleen Quinn, 25 books
Kees Moerbeek, 23 books
Peter S. Seymour, 22 books
Carole Etow, 22 books
Jennifer Frantz, 20 books
Lisa Rojany-Buccieri, 18 books
Q. L. Pearce, 18 books


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