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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rand McNally, 524 books
Rand McNally, 79 books
Rand McNally and Company, 41 books
Marguerite Henry, 30 books
Mary Alice Jones, 30 books
Seeger Map Co, 20 books
Robert A. Goldwin, 19 books
Mobil Oil Corporation, 15 books
Stuart Rossiter, 14 books
Chris Arvetis, 13 books
Helen Wing, 12 books
Ross E. Hutchins, 11 books
L. Frank Baum, 11 books
Tom McGowen, 11 books
Andrew Hepburn, 10 books
Inc Accurate Maps, 10 books
Ann Sutton, 10 books
Marjorie Barrows, 9 books
Grant, Bruce, 8 books
Bern Keating, 8 books
Beverly A. Potter, 8 books
Fredrika Shumway Smith, 7 books
Franklin Maps (Firm), 7 books
Jozef Cohen, 7 books


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