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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
H. Norman Wright, 33 books
Neil T. Anderson, 24 books
Ethel Barrett, 22 books
Regal Books, 22 books
George Barna, 22 books
Elmer L. Towns, 20 books
Gene A. Getz, 19 books
C. Peter Wagner, 14 books
Fritz Ridenour, 13 books
Jack W. Hayford, 12 books
Carole Lewis, 12 books
Rick Bundschuh, 11 books
Lloyd John Ogilvie, 10 books
Burns, Jim, 9 books
Dutch Sheets, 8 books
Jim Burns, 8 books
Mark Holmen, 7 books
Henrietta C. Mears, 7 books
Familylife, 7 books
David W. Augsburger, 7 books
Daisy Hepburn, 7 books
Laurie B. Clifford, 6 books
Chuck D. Pierce, 6 books
Neil B. Wiseman, 6 books
Ed Silvoso, 6 books


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