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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Hayley DiMarco, 27 books
Dr. Kevin Leman, 26 books
Melody Carlson, 22 books
Charles Livingstone Allen, 22 books
Meyer, F. B., 17 books
Suzanne Woods Fisher, 16 books
Elisabeth Elliot, 15 books
Rick Johnson, 12 books
Sandra Felton, 12 books
Linda E. Shepherd, 11 books
Steven James, 10 books
Janice A. Thompson, 10 books
Bonnie Leon, 10 books
Eva Marie Everson, 9 books
Grace Livingston Hill Lutz, 9 books
Ginny Aiken, 9 books
Vance Havner, 9 books
Karen Scalf Linamen, 8 books
Michael DiMarco, 8 books
Irene Hannon, 8 books
Gregory L. Jantz, 8 books
Ann H. Gabhart, 8 books
Elizabeth B. Brown, 8 books
James L. Christensen, 7 books
Justin Lookadoo, 7 books


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