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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gary Cross, 17 books
Norah McClintock, 14 books
Maxine Trottier, 11 books
Carol Matas, 10 books
Robert N. Munsch, 9 books
Bernice Thurman Hunter, 8 books
Gordon Korman, 7 books
Larry Verstraete, 6 books
Hughes, Susan, 5 books
Shelley Tanaka, 4 books
Karleen Bradford, 4 books
Robin Muller, 4 books
Richard Platt, 3 books
Katy Pike, 3 books
Nancy Wilcox Richards, 3 books
Stephen Biesty, 3 books
Hugh Brewster, 3 books
Phoebe Gilman, 3 books
Susan Hill, 3 books
Nicole Mortillaro, 3 books
Jean Little, 3 books
Beverley Spencer, 3 books
Pat Hancock, 3 books
Sharon Stewart, 3 books
Vicki Blum, 3 books


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