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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Marcia Leonard, 13 books
Karen Bryant-Mole, 10 books
Teddy Slater, 9 books
Chris Oxlade, 8 books
Chica., 7 books
Pfeffer, Wendy, 6 books
M. Angels Comella, 6 books
Josep M. Fité, 6 books
S. J. Calder, 5 books
Kraus, Robert, 5 books
Morris, Ann, 5 books
Dennis B. Fradin, 5 books
Jacqueline A. Ball, 5 books
Susan Amerikaner, 5 books
Vivian Binnamin, 4 books
Bennett, Paul, 4 books
Caroline Arnold, 4 books
Moira Butterfield, 4 books
Annie Cobb, 4 books
Q. L. Pearce, 4 books
John Archambault, 4 books
Carol Nicklaus, 4 books
Miller, Robert H., 4 books
Arlene C. Rourke, 4 books
John Himmelman, 3 books


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