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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bonnie Bryant, 113 books
Edward Packard, 61 books
Betsy Haynes, 45 books
R.A. Montgomery, 34 books
Tom B. Stone, 25 books
Melissa Lowell, 25 books
Marilyn Kaye, 16 books
Hank Herman, 13 books
Jay Leibold, 13 books
John Whitman, 13 books
Pat Pollari, 11 books
Effin Older, 11 books
Shannon Gilligan, 10 books
Heather Conkie, 9 books
Emily Costello, 9 books
Donald J. Sobol, 8 books
John Bellairs, 8 books
Doug Wilhelm, 7 books
Camy Baker, 7 books
Sharon Dennis Wyeth, 7 books
Gail Hamilton, 6 books
R. A. Montgomery, 6 books
Francine Pascal, 6 books
Gail Herman, 5 books
Michael Coleman, 5 books


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