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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kathy-jo Wargin, 26 books
Brad Herzog, 20 books
Crane, Carol, 19 books
Denise Brennan-Nelson, 18 books
Devin Scillian, 16 books
Judy Young, 16 books
Trinka Hakes Noble, 15 books
Gloria Whelan, 13 books
Michael Shoulders, 12 books
Eve Bunting, 12 books
Carol Crane, 10 books
Matt Napier, 10 books
Marcia Schonberg, 8 books
J. Patrick Lewis, 7 books
Kathy-Jo Wargin, 7 books
Courtney Sheinmel, 7 books
Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, 6 books
Helen Foster James, 6 books
Marie Smith, 5 books
Eugene M. Gagliano, 5 books
David Domeniconi, 5 books
Elissa Grodin, 5 books
Jerry Pallotta, 5 books
Margot Theis Raven, 5 books
Mary Ann McCabe Riehle, 4 books


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