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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anita Ganeri, 32 books
Stephanie Turnbull, 29 books
Jinny Johnson, 29 books
Neil Morris, 26 books
Cheryl Jakab, 24 books
Robert Snedden, 19 books
Connolly, Sean, 18 books
Jill Kalz, 17 books
Jillian Powell, 17 books
Ting Morris, 17 books
Lynn Huggins-Cooper, 16 books
Steve Potts, 16 books
Neil Champion, 15 books
Cath Senker, 13 books
Nicolas Brasch, 13 books
Julie Richards, 12 books
Chris Oxlade, 12 books
Sally Hewitt, 12 books
Steve Parker, 12 books
Jinny Johnson, 12 books
Tim Cooke, 12 books
Andrew Einspruch, 12 books
Tony Hyland, 11 books
Graham, Ian, 11 books
Aaron Frisch, 11 books


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