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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Smithsonian Institution, 6 books
Joy Hakim, 4 books
T. M. Devine, 3 books
Sally M. Walker, 3 books
Jake Page, 3 books
Michael P. Belfiore, 3 books
Paul Raffaele, 2 books
Robert Guest, 2 books
Smith, Craig B., 2 books
William W. Fitzhugh, 2 books
Peter Conolly-Smith, 2 books
Michael Hutchins, 2 books
Herman J. Viola, 2 books
Roger D. Launius, 2 books
Roger Lewin, 2 books
Esin Atil, 2 books
Robert Nero, 2 books
Don Oberdorfer, 2 books
Kathleen Kendrick, 2 books
Henry R. Schlesinger, 2 books
Richard Kurin, 2 books
Donald R. Prothero, 2 books
John Seidensticker, 2 books
William Seale, 2 books
Bülent Atalay, 2 books


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