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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Garry Disher, 12 books
Cara Black, 11 books
Janwillem van de Wetering, 8 books
Leighton Gage, 7 books
Colin Cotterill, 6 books
Peter Lovesey, 6 books
Magdalen Nabb, 6 books
Mick Herron, 5 books
Martin Limon, 5 books
Timothy Hallinan, 4 books
John Westermann, 3 books
Matt Beynon Rees, 3 books
Adrian Hyland, 3 books
Jassy Mackenzie, 3 books
Matt Rees, 3 books
John Straley, 3 books
Peter Lovesey, 3 books
Stan Jones, 3 books
Jim Cirni, 3 books
Rebecca Pawel, 2 books
Lene Kaaberbol, 2 books
Tod Goldberg, 2 books
Helene Tursten, 2 books
Takagi, Akimitsu, 2 books
J. Robert Janes, 2 books


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