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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Georgette Heyer, 34 books
Sourcebooks, 24 books
Terry Spear, 13 books
Grace Burrowes, 13 books
Carolyn Brown, 10 books
Cheryl Brooks, 9 books
Mary Wine, 8 books
Shana Galen, 7 books
Gregory J. P. Godek, 7 books
Lydia Dare, 7 books
Amelia Grey, 6 books
Kathryne Kennedy, 6 books
Judi Fennell, 6 books
Sara Humphreys, 5 books
Robin Kaye, 5 books
Ashlyn Chase, 5 books
Rice, Patricia, 4 books
Jill Mansell, 4 books
Audacia Ray, 4 books
Mary Margret Daughtridge, 4 books
Jennifer Najera Hague, 4 books
Olivia Cunning, 4 books
Georgette Heyer, 4 books
Linda Randall Wisdom, 3 books
Laurie McBain, 3 books


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