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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
North Carolina. Division of Community Planning, 137 books
Montana. Legislature. Legislative Audit Division., 51 books
Massachusetts. Division of Water Pollution Control. Water Quality Section., 23 books
Montana. Fisheries Division, 16 books
Massachusetts. Water Quality and Research Section., 15 books
Ohio. Division of Elementary and Secondary Education., 15 books
Montana. Legislature. Legislative Audit Division, 15 books
United States. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Division of Land Economics, 13 books
Alaska. Legislature. Division of Legislative Audit., 11 books
Pennsylvania. Bureau of Employment Security. Research and Statistics Division., 10 books
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Automotive-Hardware Trades Division., 10 books
Montana. Legislative Services Division., 9 books
Montana. Energy Planning Division, 9 books
Montana. Energy Division, 8 books
Ontario. Ministry of Community and Social Services. Children's Services Division., 7 books
Minnesota. Dept. of Economic Development. Research Division., 7 books
Indiana. Dept. of Natural Resources. Division of Water, 7 books
Great Britain. Naval Intelligence Division., 6 books
Oregon. Employment Division. Research and Statistics Section., 6 books
United States. Employment Standards Administration. Wage and Hour Division., 6 books
Massachusetts. Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste, 6 books
Massachusetts. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, 6 books
Nebraska. Dept. of Economic Development. Division of Research., 5 books
Rand McNally, 5 books
Great Britain. Central Office of Information. Reference Division., 5 books


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