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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Susie Bright, 20 books
Philippa Gregory, 11 books
M. Scott Peck, 8 books
Nikos Kazantzakis, 7 books
Sigmund Freud, 6 books
Thomas, Will, 6 books
Bertrand Russell, 5 books
Elizabeth Aston, 5 books
S.j. perelman, 5 books
Victoria Christopher Murray, 5 books
David Lehman, 5 books
Ursula Hegi, 5 books
Miasha, 4 books
Pamela Aidan, 4 books
Carlos Castaneda, 4 books
Wilhelm Reich, 4 books
A. R. Ammons, 4 books
Robert Jay Lifton, 4 books
Santa Montefiore, 4 books
Mortimer J. Adler, 4 books
Carol Tavris, 4 books
Michael of Kent, Princess., 3 books
David E. Talbert, 3 books
Robert Dugoni, 3 books
Louise Doughty, 3 books


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