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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rescher, Nicholas., 28 books
Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, 14 books
Robert Morris, 10 books
Alicia Ostriker, 8 books
David Wojahn, 8 books
Larry Levis, 8 books
James M. Malloy, 7 books
Leland Dewitt Baldwin, 7 books
Robert Garland Colodny, 7 books
Samuel P. Hays, 7 books
Ronald Wallace, 7 books
Kenneth Warren, 7 books
Roy Lubove, 7 books
Richard Shelton, 7 books
Reginald Shepherd, 6 books
Louis A. Pérez, 6 books
Steven E. Schier, 6 books
Odysseas Elytis, 6 books
Nicholas Rescher, 6 books
Martin V. Melosi, 5 books
Percival Hunt, 5 books
Peter Meinke, 5 books
Lee Gutkind, 5 books
Samuel John Hazo, 5 books
Joel Myerson, 5 books


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