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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David S. Moore, 273 books
Paul A. Tipler, 48 books
Peter Atkins, 40 books
James M. Postma, 35 books
J. Leland Hollenberg, 35 books
Julian Roberts, 35 books
Jon Rogawski, 34 books
Peter W. Atkins, 33 books
Loretta Jones, 30 books
Gene Mosca, 30 books
Peter Vollhardt, 30 books
Peter Abramoff, 30 books
Lubert Stryer, 29 books
Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher, 27 books
Jeremy M. Berg, 27 books
Thomas Krause, 27 books
Julio de Paula, 26 books
Robert G. Thomson, 26 books
Neil F. Comins, 25 books
Warren F. Walker, 25 books
Ira Blei, 24 books
John L. Tymoczko, 24 books
George Odian, 23 books
William K. Purves, 23 books
Frank Press, 22 books


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