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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
William Shakespeare, 31 books
Cecie Starr, 20 books
Starr, 17 books
Herbert Zettl, 11 books
G. Tyler Miller, 10 books
Jackson J. Spielvogel, 10 books
Louis P. Pojman, 9 books
Earl R. Babbie, 8 books
Wadsworth, 8 books
Eleanor Noss Whitney, 7 books
John N. Gardner, 7 books
Dianne Hales, 7 books
A. Jerome Jewler, 7 books
Ralph Taggart, 7 books
Julia T. Wood, 6 books
Gerald Corey, 6 books
Ali Smith, 6 books
J. Theodore Anagnoson, 6 books
Caroline Schacht, 6 books
Miller, 5 books
David Knox, 5 books
Schmidt, 5 books
Edward Sidlow, 5 books
Elie Siegmeister, 4 books
Lee A. Kirkpatrick, 4 books


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