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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Juan Xi, 51 books
Yu, Qing., 28 books
Ya Shen, 23 books
Cen, Kailun., 19 books
Gu, Long., 19 books
Luo Meng, 19 books
Er Xian, 14 books
Xuan, Xiaofo., 11 books
Rushi Lin, 11 books
Ji, Xiaotai., 10 books
Xinyu., 10 books
Wen, Rui'an., 9 books
Ni, Kuang., 8 books
Chen, Meilin., 8 books
An, Qi., 7 books
Deng, Aimei., 7 books
Fei Yue, 7 books
Wanwan Yu, 7 books
Xiaoyou Wei, 7 books
Ling Huang, 6 books
Xuan Tang, 6 books
Chen Mo, 6 books
Moyu Du, 6 books
Wen Mei, 6 books
Di Su, 5 books


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