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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Dan Nevins, 13 books
Barbara Soloff-Levy, 7 books
Michael Shulan, 6 books
Joanne Mattern, 6 books
Terri Cohlene, 6 books
Juanita Webber, 5 books
Gary Perkins, 5 books
Michael Pellowski, 4 books
Tim Wall, 4 books
Powell, Richard, 4 books
Burton Marks, 4 books
Bart Rockwell, 4 books
Rolf Heimann, 3 books
Patrick M. Reynolds, 3 books
Charles Dickens, 3 books
Rita Walsh, 3 books
Rockwell, 3 books
Mary Packard, 3 books
Angela Sheehan, 3 books
Harrison Powers, 3 books
Mark Phialas, 3 books
Stu Black, 3 books
Gale Burnick, 3 books
Vaughan Webb, 3 books
Jocelyn Schreiber, 3 books


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