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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
West, 78 books
West Group, 55 books
Wayne R. Lafave, 21 books
Jerold H. Israel, 19 books
Thomas Lee Hazen, 16 books
Barry R. Furrow, 14 books
West Staff, 14 books
Yale Kamisar, 13 books
Texas., 13 books
Ronald D. Rotunda, 13 books
Dana L. Blatt, 12 books
John S. Dzienkowski, 11 books
Thomas L. Greaney, 10 books
Robert L. Schwartz, 10 books
Ralph Haughwout Folsom, 10 books
United States, 9 books
Nancy J. King, 9 books
Sandra H. Johnson, 8 books
Grant S. Nelson, 7 books
Steven H. Shiffrin, 7 books
Thomas Alexander Aleinikoff, 7 books
Charles T. Hall, 7 books
David L. Ratner, 6 books
Michael I. Levin, 6 books
Michael Levin, 6 books


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