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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sylvia S. Mader, 14 books
Ricki Lewis, 13 books
Edouard J. Desautels, 12 books
Bill W. Tillery, 7 books
Fritz H. Grupe, 7 books
Center for Learning, 6 books
John W. Santrock, 6 books
Bruce Benward, 6 books
Julia Case Bradley, 5 books
Van A. Christy, 5 books
Jeff Sanny, 5 books
William Moebs, 5 books
Allan G. Bluman, 5 books
Randy Moore, 5 books
Don Cole, 4 books
Michele McCarty, 4 books
Donald Hutchison, 4 books
James Streeter, 4 books
Stuart Ira Fox, 4 books
William P. Cunningham, 4 books
Cleveland P. Hickman, 3 books
Stephen A. Miller, 3 books
Eldon D. Enger, 3 books
Raymond Chang, 3 books
Frances M. Hickman, 3 books


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