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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Susan Kruss, 15 books
Steve Jackson, 11 books
Ian Livingstone, 11 books
Alison Rucco, 8 books
Jon Sutherland, 6 books
Kilian McNamara, 5 books
Paul Callaghan, 4 books
Greg Neal, 4 books
Penny Commons, 4 books
Helen Parr, 3 books
Marian Thomas, 3 books
Janique Lambert, 3 books
Ed Murphy, 3 books
A. P. di Stephano, 3 books
Kate Agnew, 3 books
Diane Redmond, 2 books
Sue Garner, 2 books
Valerie McRoberts, 2 books
Jak Shadow, 2 books
Susan Ang, 1 book
John Waller, 1 book
Jane Pavanel, 1 book
Robert Commons, 1 book
Ed Rozycki, 1 book
Anthony Nunan, 1 book


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