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MARC Record from Collingswood Public Library

Record ID CollingswoodLibraryMarcDump10-27-2008/Collingswood.out:43568902:956
Source Collingswood Public Library
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LEADER: 00956pam 2200217 a 4500
008 860708r1986    nyu    j      000 1 eng  
020    $a0374323445 :$c$11.95
035    $a 86018351 /AC
049    $lCOPL$sgift$d87$p$11.95
100 $aSutcliff, Rosemary.
245 10 $aFlame-colored taffeta /$cRosemary Sutcliff.
250    $a1st American ed.
260    $aNew York :$bFarrar, Straus, and Giroux,$c1986.
300    $a129 p. ;$c22 cm.
500    $aBritish ed. published as: Flame-coloured taffeta.
500 $aj-121,011
520    $aTwelve-year-old Damaris and her friends become involved with smugglers and a young man who may be a spy, in a rural community near the southern coast of England in the eighteenth century.
907    $a.b13103192$b07-02-03$c05-19-03
998    $a3cw$b05-19-03$cm$da$e-$feng$gnyu$h0$i1
946    $acw$bjmp$c2003-05-20
945    $ajFic Sut$g0$i36431000276928$l3cwjf$o-$p$11.95$q $r $s-$t205$u0$v0$w0$x0$y.i15899081$z05-19-03