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Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part02.dat:117163533:2095
Source Scriblio
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LEADER: 02095cam 2200361 a 4500
001    25006352 
003 DLC
005 20050204180552.0
008 821203s1603    enkc          001 0ceng  
010    $a 25006352
040    $aDLC$cCarP$dDLC$edcrb
041 $aeng$hfre$hgrc$hlat
043    $ae-gr---$ae-it---
050 00 $aDE7$b.P55 1603
100 $aPlutarch.
240 10 $aLives.$lEnglish
245 14 $aThe lives of the noble Grecians and Romaines /$ccompared together by that graue learned philosopher and historiographer, Plutarke of Chaeronea ; translated out of Greeke into French by Iames Amiot ... ; vvith the liues of Hannibal and of Scipio African, translated out of Latine into French by Charles de l'Escluse, and out of French into English, by Sir Thomas North knight ; hereunto are also added The liues of Epaminondas, of Philip of Macedon, of Dionysius the Elder, tyrant of Sicilia, of Augustus Caesar, of Plutarke, and of Seneca ; with The liues of nine other excellent chiefetaines of warre, collected out of Aemylius Probus, by S.G.S. and Englished by the aforesaid translator.
260    $aImprinted at London :$bBy Richard Field for Thomas VVight,$c1603.
300    $a[14], 1103, [5], 136, [30] p. :$bports. (woodcuts) ;$c33 cm. (fol.)
500    $aSecond pt. has special t.p.: The liues of Epaminondas, of Philip of Macedon ...
500    $aSignatures: A⁸(-A1?) B-5A⁶ a-n⁶ o⁸(-o8?). A1 and o8 possibly blank.
510 $aSTC (2nd ed.)$c20068
500    $aIncludes index.
561    $aLC copy has bookplate of John Coleman Malden.$5DLC
651  0 $aGreece$vBiography$vEarly works to 1800.
651  0 $aRome$vBiography$vEarly works to 1800.
700 $aNorth, Thomas,$cSir,$d1535-1601?
700 $aAcciaiuoli, Donato,$d1429-1478.
700 12 $aNepos, Cornelius.$tVitae excellentium imperatorum.$lEnglish.$kSelections.
700 $aGoulart, Simon,$d1543-1628.
700 $aField, Richard,$dd. 1624,$eprinter.
700 $aWight, Thomas,$dd. 1608?,$ebookseller.
710 $aEnglish Printing Collection (Library of Congress)$5DLC