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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part06.dat:7217257:1511
Source Scriblio
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LEADER: 01511cam 22002651 4500
001    67010495 //r922
003 DLC
005 19920814134932.2
008 740514c19671966nyu      b    00010 eng  
010    $a 67010495 //r922
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC$dICU$dDLC
043    $ae------
050 00 $aD360$b.W3
082 00 $a108
100 10 $aWagar, W. Warren,$eed.
245 10 $aEuropean intellectual history since Darwin and Marx;$bselected essays,$cedited by W. Warren Wagar.
250    $a[1st ed.]
260 $aNew York,$bHarper & Row$c[1967, c1966]
300    $a265 p.$c21 cm.
440  4 $aThe Contemporary essays series
490 $aHarper torchbooks. The Academy library,$vTB1297
504    $aBibliographical footnotes.
505 $aIntroduction, by W. W. Wagar.--Darwin and religion, by J. C. Greene.--Fate and will in the Marxian philosophy of history, by R. V. Daniels.--Wilhelm Dilthey and the critique of historical reason, by H. Holborn.--The origins of Freud's political psychology, by P. Rieff.--Twentieth-century version of the apocalypse, by F. L. Baumer.--The "theology of crisis," by G. Krüger.--The scientific outlook in 1851 and 1951, by H. Dingle.--The decline of political theory, by A. Cobban.--Existentialism: Christian and anti-Christian, by H. Kuhn. --Existentialism and existentialisms, by M. Dufrenne.--Demythologization: crisis in continental theology, by P. L. Berger.
651  0 $aEurope$xIntellectual life$y19th century.
651  0 $aEurope$xIntellectual life$y20th century.