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LEADER: 02032cam 2200301 4500
001    72004734 
003 DLC
005 20031201150502.0
008 720601s1972    nju      b    000 0 eng  
010    $a 72004734
020    $a0131948601 : 0131948520 (pbk)
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC$dOCoLC$dDLC
043    $an-us-ma
050 00 $aPS3525.I5156$bC734
082 00 $a812/.5/2
100 $aFerres, John H.,$ecomp.
245 10 $aTwentieth century interpretations of The crucible;$ba collection of critical essays.$cEdited by John H. Ferres.
260    $aEnglewood Cliffs, N.J.,$bPrentice-Hall$c[1972]
300    $avi, 122 p.$c21 cm.
350    $a$1.45 ($1.65 Can.)
490 $aTwentieth century interpretations
490 $aA Spectrum book,$vS-884
505 $aIntroduction, by J. H. Ferres.--Witchcraft and the Puritans, by G. L. Kittredge.--The meaning of McCarthyism, by E. Latham.--Miller's The crucible as event and play, by J. Gassner.--Hysteria and ideology in The crucible, by R. Hayes.--A problem playwright, by W. Kerr.--A "social play", by L. Moss.--Dramatic technique in The crucible, by E. Murray.--The Devil in Salem, by D. Welland.--No play is deeper than its witches, by H. Blau.--Setting, language, and the force of evil in The crucible, by P. Curtis.--Historical analogy and The crucible, by H. Popkin.--The crucible: a structural view, by P. G. Hill.--Jean-Paul Sartre's Les sorcières de Salem, by E. Mottram.--Action and theme in The crucible, by R. Hogan.--Arthur Miller and the idea of modern tragedy, by M. W. Steinberg.--Which witch is which? By J. W. Douglass.--Subjectivism and self-awareness, by S. Huftel.--The silence of Arthur Miller, by A. Ganz.--A private meeting of John and Abigail, by A. Miller.--Selected bibliography (p. 121-122)
600 10 $aMiller, Arthur,$d1915-$tCrucible.
650  0 $aPolitics and literature$zUnited States$xHistory$y20th century.
650  0 $aTrials (Witchcraft) in literature.
651  0 $aSalem (Mass.)$xIn literature.
650  0 $aWitchcraft in literature.