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Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part09.dat:137010294:1230
Source Scriblio
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LEADER: 01230cam 2200253 i 4500
001    76380554 //r92
003 DLC
005 19921203143150.8
008 761230s1975    onca     b    000 0 eng  
010    $a 76380554 //r92
015    $aC***
020    $a0888541732
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
050 00 $aGF49$b.M36
082 00 $a301/.31
245 00 $aMan in nature :$bhistorical perspectives on man in his environment /$cedited by Louis D. Levine.
260 $aToronto :$bRoyal Ontario Museum,$cc1975.
300    $a133 p. :$bill. ;$c21 cm.
500    $aEssays written by members of the Royal Ontario Museum.
504    $aIncludes bibliographies.
505 $aLevine, L. D. Man in nature: an introduction.--Cuyler Young, T. Pollution begins in prehistory: the problem is people.--Millet, N. B. Valley and desert: the two worlds of the Egyptian.--Leipen, N. The Greeks and the sea: the shaping of a culture.--Hsio-Yen Shih Village, town, and city: China's concept of a balance in nature.--Rogers, E. S. The Indian and the European: two views of the land.--Pendergast, D. M. The ancient Maya: life and death of a jungle civilization.
650  0 $aHuman ecology.
700 10 $aLevine, Louis D.
710 20 $aRoyal Ontario Museum.