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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part11.dat:128402067:1312
Source Scriblio
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LEADER: 01312nam 2200229 4500
001    79093385 
003 DLC
005 19691212000000.0
008 691125r19691919nyu           00100 eng  
010    $a 79093385
020    $a0836913167
050 $aPR403$b.W3 1969
082    $a820.9/008
100 10 $aWaugh, Arthur,$d1866-1943.
245 $aTradition and change;$bstudies in contemporary literature.
260 $aFreeport, N.Y.,$bBooks for Libraries Press$c[1969]
300    $aviii, 303 p.$c23 cm.
490 $aEssay index reprint series
500    $aReprint of the 1919 ed.
505 $aTradition and change.--Studies in poetry: The new poetry. War poetry (1914-1918) Stephen Phillips. Lionel Johnson. The tragedies of Mr. Arthur Symons. James Elroy Flecker. The imagists. Mr. D. H. Lawrence. Mr. J. C. Squire. Rupert Brooke and the war.--Studies in prose: Dickens's lovers. The Swinburne letters. The new realism. The religious novel. Samuel Butler. The charm of Stevenson. The art of Henry James. Dixon Scott's criticism. Mr. Arthur Symons's criticism. Mr. John Freeman's criticism. Mr. Joseph Conrad and the discipline of fear. Mr. John Galsworthy. Mr. E. V. Lucas.
650  0 $aEnglish literature$y19th century$xHistory and criticism.
650  0 $aEnglish literature$y20th century$xHistory and criticism.