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MARC Record from University of Prince Edward Island

Record ID marc_upei/marc-for-openlibrary-bigset.mrc:31476743:744
Source University of Prince Edward Island
Download Link /show-records/marc_upei/marc-for-openlibrary-bigset.mrc:31476743:744?format=raw

LEADER: 00744cam a2200205 i 4500
008 760529s1976    oku      b    00000 eng  
020    $a0806113278.$a0806113766$bpbk.
035    $a(Sirsi) AAD-8671
035    $aC2628850
090    $aE169.1.I86$mMTCPW$i37348000386979
245 00 $aIssues and ideas in America /$cedited by Benjamin J. Taylor and Thurman J. White.
260 $aNorman :$bUniversity of Oklahoma Press,$cc1976.
300    $ax, 380 p. ;$c29 cm.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
651  0 $aUnited States$xIntellectual life$xHistory.
700 10 $aTaylor, Benjamin J.
700 10 $aWhite, Thurman J.
948    $a02/08/1991$b09/12/2001
949    $aE169.1.I86$wLC$mUPEI$zNOITEM
901    $a36948$bSystem$c36948