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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gary Keith, 2 books
Charles M. Price, 2 books
Claes Caldenby, 1 book
Mandy Coe, 1 book
Clark Worswick, 1 book
Samuel Kimball Gove, 1 book
Hans Helfritz, 1 book
Helfritz, Hans, 1 book
Gregory J. Walter, 1 book
William Rauch, 1 book
Kyle Cheek, 1 book
Zoltan Hajnal, 1 book
R. J. Harrison Church, 1 book
Elizabeth Subercaseaux, 1 book
Bruce Littlejohn, 1 book
John Cayley, 1 book
Louis H. Masotti, 1 book
Tom Flanagan, 1 book
Nicholas Guppy, 1 book
Ruth Way, 1 book
Phil Borges, 1 book
Ken Emerson, 1 book
Mark J. Rozell, 1 book
George Quasha, 1 book
Ed Koch, 1 book


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