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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Morris Bornstein, 2 books
Pierre George, 2 books
Roni Horn, 2 books
Britta Erickson, 2 books
John P. Cole, 2 books
Xu, Bing, 2 books
Angelika Muthesius, 1 book
Ian Wilson, 1 book
Blum, David, 1 book
Marie Luise Syring, 1 book
Yang, Lian, 1 book
Les McKeown, 1 book
Lynne Elliott, 1 book
Wilson, Ian, 1 book
John Armstrong, 1 book
Paul Collins, 1 book
Jane Taylor, 1 book
Rosenblum, Robert., 1 book
Dave Hickey, 1 book
Lynne Cooke, 1 book
Denny Nissley, 1 book
Robert Slater, 1 book
David Blum, 1 book
John Waters, 1 book
Klaus Phillips, 1 book


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