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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Clark, 13 books
Clive Grant, 12 books
TaraElla, 7 books
The Stationery Office, 5 books
Darwin Porter, 4 books
Danforth Prince, 4 books
Basil D'Oliveira, 3 books
Brian Carabet, 3 books
Brian Goulder, 3 books
Edward Lee-Elliott, 3 books
Jenny Lees-Spalding, 3 books
John Shand, 3 books
Barbara Jancar-Webster, 2 books
W. Raymond Duncan, 2 books
Robert Gottlieb, 2 books
David Bonner, 2 books
Nicholas De Marco, 2 books
Philippe Vergne, 2 books
Kieran Long, 2 books
Klaus Boehm, 2 books
Philip Cowley, 2 books
Benjamin F. Schemmer, 2 books
Christopher Hubert Beaumont, 2 books
Ronald Haladyna, 2 books
Charles Heyman, 2 books


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