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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Offer, 9 books
David Elkind, 9 books
Gerald R. Adams, 9 books
Françoise Dolto, 8 books
Mitchell, John J., 7 books
Richard M. Lerner, 7 books
Laurence D. Steinberg, 6 books
Andrew Garrod, 6 books
Donald E. Greydanus, 5 books
Thomas P. Gullotta, 5 books
Raymond Montemayor, 5 books
Peter Blos, 4 books
Dorothy Rogers, 4 books
Sol Gordon, 4 books
Jerome Kagan, 4 books
David R. Shaffer, 4 books
Lisa Smulyan, 4 books
Robert Kilkenny, 4 books
Kenneth R. Ginsburg, 4 books
Karen Bellenir, 4 books
Dale Bick Carlson, 4 books
Jon Carlson, 4 books
John Janeway Conger, 4 books
Linda Nielsen, 4 books
Lewis, Judith A., 4 books


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