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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ogilvy, David, 4 books
Brian J. Gail, 3 books
Carol Grace, 2 books
Carl Brookins, 2 books
Alexandra Potter, 2 books
Holly Chamberlin, 2 books
Candy Halliday, 2 books
John Gunther, 2 books
Ellen Shanman, 2 books
J. G. Ballard, 2 books
John Kenney, 2 books
J. R. Salamanca, 1 book
Niwa, Yoshinobu, 1 book
Kimberly Raye, 1 book
Susan Stephens, 1 book
Robyn Harding, 1 book
Goyal, Sandeep adman., 1 book
Karen Anders, 1 book
Sharon Kendrick, 1 book
Liz Jarrett, 1 book
Liza Palmer, 1 book
Donny Deutsch, 1 book
Yolonda Greggs, 1 book
Toni Blake, 1 book
St. John, Yahrah., 1 book


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