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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eleanor Taylor Bland, 21 books
James Patterson, 17 books
David Handler, 10 books
John Dudley Ball, 7 books
Chester B. Himes, 6 books
Darryl Wimberley, 6 books
Paula L. Woods, 5 books
Thomas Mullen, 4 books
James Sallis, 4 books
George Baxt, 4 books
Kendra Norman-Bellamy, 2 books
Stacy-Deanne, 2 books
Price, Richard, 2 books
R. Alan Thompson, 2 books
Shakir Rashaan, 2 books
May Walker, 1 book
Darrien Lee, 1 book
Larry Strauss, 1 book
John L. Cooper, 1 book
James A. Gazell, 1 book
Homer F. Broome, 1 book
Nicholas Alex, 1 book
James Stafford Griffin, 1 book
Robert Moore, 1 book
Lee P. Brown, 1 book


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