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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. Hamblin Smith, 7 books
John Herbert Sangster, 4 books
J. A. McLellan, 3 books
Nicolas Bourbaki, 3 books
Leonhard Euler, 3 books
Serge Francinou, 3 books
B. Hensman, 3 books
Hall, H. S., 2 books
Cynthia Y. Young, 2 books
Serge Lang, 2 books
Michel Queysanne, 2 books
James Loudon, 2 books
J. T. Crawford, 2 books
N. F. Dupuis, 2 books
Aviva Szpirglas, 2 books
John N. Fujii, 1 book
C. Chevalley, 1 book
Maurice Parodi, 1 book
Abraham Robinson, 1 book
A. G. Kurosh, 1 book
Marc Zamansky, 1 book
A. G. Howson, 1 book
Paul Roman, 1 book
William J. Gilbert, 1 book
Bruno Buchberger, 1 book


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