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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claes Johnson, 2 books
Eric Carlen, 2 books
John R. Ringrose, 2 books
Titu Andreescu, 2 books
L. S. Blackford, 2 books
J. Dongarra, 2 books
S. Hammarling, 2 books
Kenneth Eriksson, 2 books
Zhuoqun Wu, 2 books
Jingxue Yin, 2 books
Chunpeng Wang, 2 books
Kurt Meyberg, 2 books
Peter Vachenauer, 2 books
Richard V. Kadison, 2 books
Johan G. F. Belinfante, 1 book
Mikio Nakahara, 1 book
Rolf Reissig, 1 book
J. J. Vermeulen, 1 book
Roger A. Horn, 1 book
Nolan R. Wallach, 1 book
Chris Rorres, 1 book
Lin, Yixiong., 1 book
Cristinel Mortici, 1 book
Daniel Beltiță, 1 book
Jean Marie McDill, 1 book


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