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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David M. Burton, 4 books
Abraham Robinson, 3 books
Samuel, Pierre, 3 books
Paul Dubreil, 3 books
Garrett Birkhoff, 3 books
Rudolf Lidl, 3 books
Saunders Mac Lane, 3 books
W. W. Sawyer, 2 books
Haskell B. Curry, 2 books
Seymour Lipschutz, 2 books
Fraleigh, John B., 2 books
John A. Beachy, 2 books
Paul R. Halmos, 2 books
P. M. Cohn, 2 books
Leonard S. Bobrow, 2 books
Alfred Tarski, 2 books
Shanti Narayan, 2 books
Ki Hang Kim, 1 book
Gary D. Crown, 1 book
David Joyner, 1 book
Saul Gorn, 1 book
Ernst Snapper, 1 book
Emil Artin, 1 book
C. L. Liu, 1 book
Roy Dubisch, 1 book


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