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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Mumford, 4 books
Larry L. Schumaker, 4 books
E. Sernesi, 4 books
André Weil, 3 books
George Salmon, 3 books
Robert John Walker, 3 books
Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar, 3 books
Fulton, William, 3 books
S. A. Stepanov, 3 books
Kichoon Yang, 3 books
Georges Humbert, 3 books
Phillip Griffiths, 2 books
Coolidge, Julian Lowell, 2 books
Egbert Brieskorn, 2 books
Edward Frenkel, 2 books
Ian Stewart, 2 books
Joe Harris, 2 books
Jakob Steiner, 2 books
Jean Pierre Delale, 2 books
Harold Hilton, 2 books
Harris, Joe, 2 books
Gabriel Cramer, 2 books
Surendramohan Ganguli, 2 books
E. Ballico, 2 books
Tom Lyche, 2 books


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