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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Irene Roach, 7 books
Patricia Donegan, 5 books
John Brandi, 5 books
Cor Van den Heuvel, 4 books
Bruce Ross, 4 books
Lee J. Richmond, 4 books
Raymond Roseliep, 3 books
Pat Mora, 3 books
Betsy E. Snyder, 3 books
David Samuel Bloch, 3 books
Jim Handlin, 2 books
Robert H. Deluty, 2 books
Kate T. Williamson, 2 books
Ann Atwood, 2 books
Gerald Robert Vizenor, 2 books
Jack Kerouac, 2 books
Richard Zimler, 2 books
Randy Brooks, 2 books
Wright, Richard, 2 books
Charles Bernard Rodning, 2 books
Denis M. Garrison, 2 books
Geraldine Clinton Little, 2 books
Edith Marcombe Shiffert, 2 books
Sid Farrar, 2 books
Tom Gilroy, 2 books


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