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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Syd Field, 4 books
Larry McMurtry, 3 books
Gassner, John, 2 books
Amid Amidi, 2 books
Dudley Nichols, 2 books
John Waters, 2 books
Waters, John, 2 books
Woody Allen, 2 books
Horton Foote, 2 books
Mark T. Conard, 1 book
Gregory Battcock, 1 book
Paul Auster, 1 book
E. L. Doctorow, 1 book
Raymond Carver, 1 book
Gene D. Phillips, 1 book
Jules Feiffer, 1 book
Jerry Roberts, 1 book
Andrea Giaime Alonge, 1 book
Richard T. Chizmar, 1 book
Robert Phillip Kolker, 1 book
James Baldwin, 1 book
Hal Hartley, 1 book
Maxwell Anderson, 1 book
Barry Levinson, 1 book
Woody Allen, 1 book


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