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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry James Jr., 4 books
Danielle Steel, 4 books
Dan Brown, 3 books
Karen Marie Moning, 2 books
Mark Twain, 2 books
Robin Jones Gunn, 2 books
Edith Wharton, 2 books
Gilbert Morris, 2 books
Philip Caputo, 2 books
James Salter, 2 books
Lisa See, 2 books
Aaron J. Elkins, 2 books
Debra White Smith, 2 books
Will North, 2 books
Stephen Hunter, 2 books
John Grisham, 2 books
Beth Pattillo, 1 book
Katie MacAlister, 1 book
Brian Haig, 1 book
Darrell Bain, 1 book
James Rollins, 1 book
Judy Reene Singer, 1 book
Paul Goldstein, 1 book
Elmore Leonard, 1 book
Susan Johnson, 1 book


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